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We’re Losing Our Minds — Rethinking American Higher Education, authored by Richard P. Keeling and Richard H. Hersh, was released by Palgrave Macmillan in December  2011, in paperback and hardcover formats.

Based on the authors’ long experience as faculty members, senior administrators, and consultants for more than 500 colleges and universities, the book offers a new, holistic analysis of the problems facing American higher education and offers not only candid, honest analysis but also sound recommendations for how institutions and higher education as a whole must change for learning.

“We’re Losing Our Minds” is the most recent of the many publications written or edited by the authors aimed at stimulating change for learning. Significant previous works include Learning Reconsidered (2004), Declining by Degrees (2005), Assessment Reconsidered (2008), and articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, The Atlantic Monthly, and other prominent national publications.

Brief Summary

America is being held back by the quality and quantity of learning in college. This is a true educational emergency. Many college graduates cannot think critically, write effectively, solve problems, understand complex issues, or meet employers’ expectations. We are losing our minds – and endangering our social, economic, and scientific leadership.

Higher education costs too much and should be more efficient. But the real problem is value, not cost, and financial “solutions” will not fix that. The only solution – making learning the highest priority in college – demands fundamental change throughout higher education. We need a national consensus demanding change for learning.

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